Friday, February 11, 2011

Post 7 Northern's Code

1. All those hurt or bullied on, will be punished 10 fold.

2. Any feeling sad or are in remorse, will be excused from the day's activities that are found stressful.

3.Any grade given to a student that is unsatisfactory to the student, will be voided and retaken a week later.

4. Any teacher disrespectful to a student will be shunned by other faculty on sight.

5. All habits of each student deemed annoying or distracting will not be allowed, if continued, that habit will be stopped by the removal of that area of the habit.

6. All classes are required to have 50" flat screen TVs for non-educational purposes only.

7. All homework must have a limited due date of 2 days.

8. All teachers will go through phsycological evaluations and physical fitness monthly.

9. If a student and teacher have any issues, the student is permitted to hit the teacher once.

10. All students are required to do after school physical activities for at least 2 hours a day.

11. Any violaters of any of these laws will be required to run 2 miles.

12. Every student in the school is a equal member and should be treated as such.

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