Thursday, February 10, 2011

post 2 things i learn during a quiz.

1.Neolithic people, called Sumer, settled in this fertile valley and began to grow crops.
2.Sumerains may have been the first ones to invent and use the arch.
3.The code of hammurabi was one of the first written down codes of law.
4.Sumerians originally were organized into city-states.
5.The Hittites were one of the first to smelt iron.
6.Nebuchadnezzar made Babylon into a rich and florishing city including the Hanging Gardens.
7.The Assyrians were a fierce warrior like society which eventually invaded the Fertile Crescent.
8.Israel,Lebanon, and Syria were all once part of Phoenecian lands.
9.The Phoenicians invented the art of Glass-blowing
10.The Phoenicians developed the alphabet.
11.The barter system was a big part of trade before coinage of gold and other precious metals.
12.The Lydians passed down the concept of the money economy to the Greeks and Persians.
13.The Sumerians practiced Polytheism or the belief in more than one god.
14.Sumerian Ziggurats and many other buildings were all made out of brick clay which would be stacked like modern day bricks.
15.The most powerful Akkadian king was Sargon.

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