Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post 10 Darius I the greatest

Darius the first was the most influential and powerful Persian leader by far.He at first united the country, riding the empire of any rebellion and challenge. Next he revolutionized the military, greatly improving Cyrus the Great's army structure by building a paid army and an elite force within. With the new training it enabled Darius to take over more lands all the way up to the Mediterranean in the east and far west Hindu Kusch. With these victories he portrayed a godly view or as he said, " King of Kings." With these New Lands came a empire to large for one man, so he developed a sort of democratic monarchy which allowed for Satraps to rule in his stead. With all of these combinations made him in my point of view, the greatest leader of the Persian Empire.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post 3 2 timelines

Time lines

These time lines would be a great addition to the textbook. The first gives a broad world timeline and also specifics for certain kings. The second timeline gives a different look at Sumerian and Persian history following wine! It does give sufficient information and shows the level of these civilizations.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Post 7 Northern's Code

1. All those hurt or bullied on, will be punished 10 fold.

2. Any feeling sad or are in remorse, will be excused from the day's activities that are found stressful.

3.Any grade given to a student that is unsatisfactory to the student, will be voided and retaken a week later.

4. Any teacher disrespectful to a student will be shunned by other faculty on sight.

5. All habits of each student deemed annoying or distracting will not be allowed, if continued, that habit will be stopped by the removal of that area of the habit.

6. All classes are required to have 50" flat screen TVs for non-educational purposes only.

7. All homework must have a limited due date of 2 days.

8. All teachers will go through phsycological evaluations and physical fitness monthly.

9. If a student and teacher have any issues, the student is permitted to hit the teacher once.

10. All students are required to do after school physical activities for at least 2 hours a day.

11. Any violaters of any of these laws will be required to run 2 miles.

12. Every student in the school is a equal member and should be treated as such.

Post 6 Hammurabi's Code Modern Day

Laws from Hammurabi's Code of Law that should be enacted today.

1.If he hire it out for one year and then return, the house, garden, and field shall be given back to him, and he shall take it over again.  I feel like this would be great for modern day since it would force people to be loyal to their contracts.

2. If he have no money to repay, then he shall pay in corn or sesame in place of the money as rent for what he received from the merchant, according to the royal tariff. This would allow for more leniency with debts which could mean the barter system could be back in place.
3.If the agent is careless, and does not take a receipt for the money which he gave the merchant, he can not consider the unreceipted money as his own. Evidence needs to be fact and material, meaning when someone says they owe them something, they need hard proof.

4. If any one have a claim for corn or money upon another and imprison him; if the prisoner die in prison a natural death, the case shall go no further. In today's world, this would mean people would not be able to go after someone/s family for that one family member's mistake.

5. If any one leave his house, run away, and then his wife go to another house, if then he return, and wishes to take his wife back: because he fled from his home and ran away, the wife of this runaway shall not return to her husband. This would make sure that wives are not just used and will not be a supply depot of money or shelter for this man.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post 5 Writing back to the travel agent

Dear Agent Flores,

We Sumerians  have a long and proud heritage in the Fertile Crescent. It provides us with enormous amounts of supplies from which we make huge profits. The land is renewed yearly so that we could stay here forever and we have rivers that link us to the rest of the world. The Jordan River Valley's salt and dust do not even compare to the luscious green valley of the Fertile Crescent. I would suggest that you take your own advice and stay far away from us in the Jordan  River Valley.

Sumerian Bob

post 4 travel agent

Dear Sumerians,

I believe that your people need to move to a smarter location from which you can set up a even more prosperous civilization. The Jordan River Valley is the new premiere location for any civilization trying to become a empire. This valley has the Mediterranean sea to its left and then the dead sea and natural fortifications to the right. This would make for a defensible position and amazing position for a world trading port. If you have any sense i would suggest that you get up and move to the Jordan River Valley.

Your Agent,
Alex Flores

post 2 things i learn during a quiz.

1.Neolithic people, called Sumer, settled in this fertile valley and began to grow crops.
2.Sumerains may have been the first ones to invent and use the arch.
3.The code of hammurabi was one of the first written down codes of law.
4.Sumerians originally were organized into city-states.
5.The Hittites were one of the first to smelt iron.
6.Nebuchadnezzar made Babylon into a rich and florishing city including the Hanging Gardens.
7.The Assyrians were a fierce warrior like society which eventually invaded the Fertile Crescent.
8.Israel,Lebanon, and Syria were all once part of Phoenecian lands.
9.The Phoenicians invented the art of Glass-blowing
10.The Phoenicians developed the alphabet.
11.The barter system was a big part of trade before coinage of gold and other precious metals.
12.The Lydians passed down the concept of the money economy to the Greeks and Persians.
13.The Sumerians practiced Polytheism or the belief in more than one god.
14.Sumerian Ziggurats and many other buildings were all made out of brick clay which would be stacked like modern day bricks.
15.The most powerful Akkadian king was Sargon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

POST 1 for western civ and how this might be pretty cool.

I have always been interested in all ancient civilizations particularly ancient Rome during the reign of the first Augustus after Julius Ceaser's death and Constantine the Great since both in my opinion were the greatest overall leaders of the time.

 I play soccer in the fall, Winter and Spring track as a sprinter, and year round I participate in a martial arts which includes muy thai, phillipino and indonesian silat, JKD, wing chun. I love sports and outdoor activities so I'm usually pretty busy looking for some fun. I am also very active in my church youth group ever since our volunteer work in New Orleans which was a very enlightening experience.

My wide variation of friends has allowed me over the years to become very acceptable and helpful to many for different situations which means I like to help people out if theyre in need of anything. I feel that our treatment of others reflects who we are.

Ive actually taken Western Civ since the class looks so cool and my interest in ancient history drives the coolness rating up next to talking hamsters and Usain Bolt. I can't lie that the Usain Bolt thing is up there so it may take awhile for Wstern Civ to even beat hamsters.

Western Civilizations are always interesting, or just there connection to the modern world, but also the comparison in how our daily lives are so much easier makes your appreciation for what the ancient civilizations did just increase.

This class seems interesting and will actually capture my attention. I hope that I get to learn more about the military aspects of these early civilizations. Also, the thinking of previous leaders without the complications of electronics and the temptations that new technology brings should be interesting. Finally, I just want to have a more clear understanding of middle-eastern  culture.