Thursday, February 3, 2011

POST 1 for western civ and how this might be pretty cool.

I have always been interested in all ancient civilizations particularly ancient Rome during the reign of the first Augustus after Julius Ceaser's death and Constantine the Great since both in my opinion were the greatest overall leaders of the time.

 I play soccer in the fall, Winter and Spring track as a sprinter, and year round I participate in a martial arts which includes muy thai, phillipino and indonesian silat, JKD, wing chun. I love sports and outdoor activities so I'm usually pretty busy looking for some fun. I am also very active in my church youth group ever since our volunteer work in New Orleans which was a very enlightening experience.

My wide variation of friends has allowed me over the years to become very acceptable and helpful to many for different situations which means I like to help people out if theyre in need of anything. I feel that our treatment of others reflects who we are.

Ive actually taken Western Civ since the class looks so cool and my interest in ancient history drives the coolness rating up next to talking hamsters and Usain Bolt. I can't lie that the Usain Bolt thing is up there so it may take awhile for Wstern Civ to even beat hamsters.

Western Civilizations are always interesting, or just there connection to the modern world, but also the comparison in how our daily lives are so much easier makes your appreciation for what the ancient civilizations did just increase.

This class seems interesting and will actually capture my attention. I hope that I get to learn more about the military aspects of these early civilizations. Also, the thinking of previous leaders without the complications of electronics and the temptations that new technology brings should be interesting. Finally, I just want to have a more clear understanding of middle-eastern  culture.

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