Tuesday, June 7, 2011

rome post 3

Rome compared to today

·         Military prowess can lead to political rise
·         The rich have more power in society
·         Religious tolerance was an issue for different religious faiths
·         Coin was used for the economy alike ours
·         Food seemed like ours
·         Diverse cultures under one banner
·         Romans had a republic at first based off of 2 consuls where we have on president.
·         Romans believed in slavery
·         Required military service for citizenship of the family
·         Riches elevated your political status easily

roman post 4

MVP-Augustus Julius Ceaser

I have Augustus as the MVP of Rome. He was an excellent politician and unified the empire. He was Rome's first emperor and ended civil war. His defeat of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra secured a safe roman empire united under one emperor. With this military victory it enabled him to stabilize the empire. This showed his military prowess and that he was a superior tactician.

He also, reformed much f the Roman empire ranging from everyday laws to military codes. These military changes limited the size of the army to make it more manageable and efficient. Also, he changed many everyday things mainly focusing on water supply to the city. His combination of military superiority, political genius, and also public servitude makes him my MVP.