Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Greek blog#1

Things I learned from quizes:

1.55,000 years ago the Minoans lived in Greece.
2.Mycenaeans were a warring nation that eventually took over Crete.
3.Linear B was the form of writing used by the Minoans.
4.Most centers for city forts were built atop the Acropilis.
5.An agora is a marketplace.
6.Homer made oral poetry into 2 great epics.
7.The Olympics were held to honor the Gods.
8.Hoplites were heavy infantry who carried long spears.
9.The Iliad was about the Trojan war.
10.The Odyssey was about mycean king after the Trojan War.
11.Sparta was known for its military discipline and physical strength.
12.Helots were the lower class of the Spartan city state.
13.Athens was known well for its democracy and laws.
14.Spartan goals were to make every adult male part of the military and to incorporate them into it.
15.In 621 B.C. is the first written law in Athens.
16.Metics in Athens were free and not born of Athens.
17.Metics could not participate in the Government or own land.
18.Trade was the main supply of Athenian income.
19.Athenian women were citizens, but had no rights to vote or land.
20.Girls usually married around 13-14 to older men.
21.Most Athenians believed in spending for the common good.
22.Athenians placed great value in learning and literacy.
23.Hoplites were the bulk of the Athenian infantry.
24. The Delian league was the alliance of Greek-city states against Persia.
25.Xerxes defeated the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae.

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